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The Villages

While Goole may not be the centre of the universe, it is certainly the focal point for many of the outlying villages in the area. These villages range from small hamlets with just one or two houses such as Skelton or Asselby, to quite significant towns in themselves such as Howden or Snaith.

All the villages have several things in common, such as a red phone box, a (usually closed) pub, a church, a village hall. They also have their own unique charm and landmarks, such as Swinefleet's statue, Howden's Minster or Snaith's lockup.

Most people only drive through the villages on the way to somewhere bigger, but they are worth taking the time to stop off and soak up the atmosphere of a bygone more peaceful age. Admittedly most of the farms have big dogs which chase you if you cycle past, but the locals are always keen to welcome visitors. The Hull - Selby cycleway runs through many of the places north of the river and there are pleasant rights of way along the riverbanks to some of the other villages.

Adlingfleet   Airmyn   Asselby   Barmby on the Marsh   Blacktoft   Boothferry   Carlton   Cowick   Gilberdyke   Goole Fields   Hook   Howdendyke   Knedlington   Laxton   Ousefleet   Rawcliffe   Rawcliffe Bridge   Reedness   Saltmarshe   Skelton   Snaith   Swinefleet   White City   Whitgift   Yokefleet

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