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White City

This isn't really a village and it certainly isn't a city. It is the name given to a group of eight houses on the road between Goole and Rawcliffe. These houses all have white walls (except for a short time when one had brown stone cladding), hence the name.

The greyhound track has long gone, but the village still has the highest refreshment to house ratio of anywhere in the north as the eight houses share a transport cafe, Brewers Fayre pub and even a McDonalds. The Glews Garage site has expanded greatly in recent years although perhaps the McDonalds would have been better built in town centre. The old Goole to Selby railway line used to pass nearby but the wildlife has been concreted over to build the link road to Drax.

Visitor Comments

Posted by Shuffleton Streets on 20/03/2006

My mother's brother and his wife and family inhabited White City before World War II, prior to their move to the metropolis of Luton.

Posted by Gary on 24/04/2008

I have many fond memories of White City. My best friend lived there in the 1960s before we moved to Australia in 1973. He had the greatest mum whose bramble and apple pie was unforgettable. The house with the brown cladding was indeed awful. Nice to hear someone with taste has got rid of it.

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